Here’s how it works:
1. You can test 1 product at once, and every product only once. (We promote members after a few positive transactions) 

2. We allow only one account per household. 

3. After you order your sample, you receive an email with the Amazon link.

4. You order on Amazon and send the order ID within 24 hours (otherwise, your order will be cancelled after 24 hours)

5. We pay the full product price, taxes, and PayPal fees after you confirm you received the item. We do not reimburse shipping costs.

6. When you receive the item, you send a request through your “my account” page

7. You receive your refund in 6-24 hours. 

8. Test your item, and if you would like to review it, the seller will be grateful. 

9. Send us the review link (if applicable.)

10. Also refer to