Other recommended Review sites

Every site limites how many products you can test at once. We learned from our members that they want MORE. However, not all of the offers on the market are good or reliable. So I decided to share some reliable options with you. Keep in mind, that the shortcomings of these sites triggered me to create the Amazon Tester Club. 



Rebaid is a reliable, trustworthy site. They offer mostly discounts. Often the discounts are incredible. The only products with 100% refund offered, are supplements. However, 100% means you either wait 45 days for your check or you pay 1$ for direct deposit. Rebaid doesn't cover taxes. 


Rebaid has a very long wait period for new members. 45 days, plus about 2 businesses days for the check to clear. 

After your first five weeks, you can get up to 10 rebates monthly as direct deposit ($1 each.) Rebaid doesn't cover taxes. 


Rebaid has a US presence. The website features all necessary legal information and documents. 

Rebaid seems to have a quality check, they have none or hardly any trash items.


You don't have to leave reviews. 

The process is straight-forward. 

If you're ok with getting great deals instead 100% free items, this site is for you.



Tahoevine offers only free samples. They don't cover taxes, but refund within 24 hours after you shared your review. So, yes, they hold your payment hostage until you post a review. That aside, it might be one of the best review sites. 

They grade users, and your grade decides how many samples you can try at once.


Tahoevine pays the product cost plus Paypal fees. Taxes are not covered. They pay fast and realiable, within 1 business day after you posted your review. 


Tahoevine doesn't have a US presence. They require 5 star reviews. Else you don't get paid. 


The process is straight forward. 



The graphical user interface of Rebatest is loud, distracting, and annoying. All products are "free", but they don't cover taxes or PayPal fees which makes it basically 90% off. Still a great offer. 
The process is irritating. You're forced to review in an unnatural way. For instance, you have to take a picture, name a target group, and so on.


Getting your payment is complicated. You have to wait a certain amount of days before every step. The site is in English, but difficult to understand.


Exaggerations and clickbait take away from the positive experience. 


The process feels complicated, overly structured and unnatural. 



Cashbackbase has a great site, and incredible product. They have many higher-priced items. 

However, here's what makes the site problematic:

You have to deal with ever seller individually. 

CB wants you to wait 7 days to post a review. Add 2 days for Amazon to publish it. 9 days gone. Then the seller has to approve of your review. They have 5-30 days to pay. When you find out there's a problem, the return window might have closed.  


It's up to individual sellers when they pay. Sometimes PayPal fees and taxes are included, other times they're not. 


The site is trustworthy.


The experience would be 5* if Cashbackbase took care of the payments. It's not just about waiting for your money. You need points to shop on CB. Your points are blocked until the seller refunds.

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