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What if I told you that you get to test the latest products and it doesn't cost you a dime?

Vendors need your feedback and they offer their products for free in exchange for your honest opinion!

Our Club members have sampled over 35,000 !

What we were hearing frm many of our club members is that they were disatisfied with the sites they currently ordered samples from:

  • "Free" wasn't free. We heard from many of you that they were just offered coupons
  • Long wait for refunds. Nobody wants to wait weeks for their refund. Added risk: The return window closes 30 days after delivery.  
  • Complicated process. Members report they are forced to behave unnaturally to receive their refund. 

Love! Had my refund in 3 days. Next product on the way.

Michael Trout

It works!

I've been through the process twice now, and I'm loving it! I got my discounts and get to keep my items. Had a lot of questions at first, and Emily took the time to explain everything.
I am recommending this service to my friends and so far earned an extra $15 through that.

Simone Feruchi

Here's how we do it:

Free means free. We refund product price, PayPal fees, and taxes.

We refund within 24 hours after you received the shipment. With Prime shipping, you might get your refund as soon as 2-3 days.
No funny business.

We want you to share your opinion in your own voice and style. Without stressing out because you don't know when and if you receive your refund.

Examples of products you get to test

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Cool Products

You get to try the coolest gadgets and newest products and help shape future development.

Instead of wasting your time on mediocre sites, you get to know all the cool ones!

Private Club

You get exclusive offers and important information around the topic of product testing. 

We have your back and provide advice that keeps your account safe, and your wallet filled with $$$.


Are you affiliated with Amazon?

We are not affiliated with Amazon. We work with vendors who sell products on Amazon.

Is there a membership fee to use your service?

Using our service is free, but you can only have one account per household.

Why are the products free?

Amazon has become the biggest marketplace in the world with hundreds of thousands of sellers. Vendors need exposure for their products to be seen. That is why they are willing to give products away for free in exchange for your honest feedback that helps other Amazon shoppers to make a buying decision.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can test?

While there is no hard limit, we offer free products only in normal household quantities. Resale is striclty forbidden and leads to an immediate termination of our relationship with us.


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